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Made from meticulously wrapped wire. Each piece is completely unique. This one features an Apache Tear gemstone with a beautiful green hue that shimmers in the sunlight. I left this one open on the sides to really allow light to pass through the stone with ease to show off its lovely green glow.

  Apache Tears gemstones are a variety of Obsidian, volcanic glass. In addition to carrying the general properties of Obsidian (protection, purification and grounding) Apache Tears also help when dealing with and processing past traumas. They help to restart the flow of old emotions built up from the past that may become locked and frozen within the body over time. They are known to be especially helpful for those healing from the grief of a loved one’s suicide. They softly cleanse the aura of negative vibes/energy and help to shield you from picking up more. Born from a volcano, Apache Tears carry the energy of Earth and Fire.

Apache Tears Wire Wrap Pendant

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