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Exquisite stones from all over the world joined together in a harmonious union set within a beautiful piece of natural wood. A great deal of time and consideration go into creating these pieces. Each piece of wood used for the base is completely unique and left in its natural form. Every piece used has been found and selected by my Wife and I in our journeys exploring nature’s kingdom. Once the wood is selected many arrangements of stones are tried until the one that feels just right reveals itself. Once the stones are chosen they are carefully set within the wooden base. The piece is then finished with a nice gloss glaze that makes it look just like glass and adds a good deal of strength to the finished pendant. Each piece is hung from a beautiful .925 sterling silver bail and looks great on any type of necklace cord or chain.

Set within the wood are several gem stones:
-Tobasco Geode-


Each piece is completely unique. Pendants are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Crystal Forrest Wood Wrap Pendant

  • Hand made by artist Kevin Boyd in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Custom orders always welcome. Discounts on wholesale orders. Inquire for further details.

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