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This fractal vortex pendant is sure to draw attention. The ever-repeating patterns found throughout nature are where the fractal patterns originate. Hand crafted in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, this piece is composed of durable borosilicate glass and polymer. It is illuminated by a micro LED light mounted in the back of the pendant. A small flat knob on the back controls the light and unscrews to change batteries. The lights come in your choice of Solid (White) or Slow Fade (color change). Each piece comes with 2 sets of batteries so the fun can begin right away.


Custom orders always welcome and accepted.
Discounts on bulk / wholesale orders.
Inquire for further details.

Fractal Vortex Pendant

Light Up Color Option:
  • Additional batteries available in the Accessories section. 


    For cleaning: spot clean with a lightly dampened paper towel. Keep water / liquids away from light. Never submerge pendant in water. 

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