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Made from real Quartz crystal and sterling silver wire. These pendants look stunning in the day or night. Simply turn the small knob on the back of this piece to activate the light which casts an amazing glow through the crystal. Available in 3 different light options: Slow Fade (Color Change), Solid (White light) or Solid (Blue light). Powered by two replacable cr927 batteries (included).

Each piece is hand crafted by me, artist Kevin Boyd. I take careful time to make each of my pieces as solid possible using only top quality materials to showcase the natural beauty of the crystal and bring it to life. A perfect piece for those who come alive at night.

Light Up Quartz Pendant (1)

Light Up Color Option:
  • Additional batteries available in the Accessories section. 


    For cleaning: spot clean with a lightly dampened paper towel. Keep water / liquids away from light. Never submerge pendant in water. 

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