A new shelf set I dreamed up and made into a reality... From our sacred space to yours. 
These shelves provide a beautifully unique and useful addition to any home, yoga studio, shop space, meditation area or anywhere else you can think of. Made from top quality real wood with live edge and a warm natural looking finish. These come in 4 sizes - fairy size, small, medium and large. Since these are all intact and left in their natural form there will be some variance in size and appearance to the each shelf making them all unique works of natural art. *See bottom for approximate size list. These Nature Spirit shelves look great as a stand alone but in groups can really make the walls come alive. A delightful way to display your favorite crystals, incense burner, candles, potted plants and trinkets of all types. 
I carefully select from only the finest cuts of wood available with beautiful flowing grain patterns and great aesthetic character.
Each shelf comes with matching wall screws, plastic drywall countersinks and matching single hole brackets made from durable steel coated in an attractive matte black finish. 

If you wish to keep heavier objects on the large size shelves you can request "reinforced brackets"(which use 2 screws each) when placing your order.&nb