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Each pendant is a unique slice carefully hand sawn from the center of one of the world's densest pinecones. An amazing display of the beauty of nature is revealed in every stunning piece. Bails made from .925 Sterling silver.

Larimar is a crystal of serenity, promoting relaxation in every aspect. Use as a worry stone, or place in the home or workplace to assure a pleasant atmosphere. Hold as you sit on the seashore, or gaze into the sea-like patterns of the stone, to reconnect with the ebbs and flows of your inner tides. Simply wearing Larimar creates a fundamental awareness of the "all-rightness" of the world. As a soothing Water element stone, Larimar cools hot tempers and guides excessive passion into peace. As a crystal of the Throat Chakra, using Larimar in a pendant or laying-on-of-stones treatment will unleash the voice of one's deepest wisdom. Singers may also find Larimar a wonderful talisman for enhancing and protecting the voice. Larimar is an excellent stone for finding a soulmate. It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues or fears, trauma to the heart, or past-life relationships.


Custom orders always welcome.

Larimar Pinecone Pendant (Med.)

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

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