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This pin is composed of an all natural pinecone slice. A powerful talisman of our natural world said to stimulate the pineal gland and treasured for their intricate markings. These pieces are all amazing wonders of nature and each displays its own unique shape and pattern. 

Every piece is hand-sawed and sanded by me in my workshop after being carefully cleaned and cured. They are then coated in a nice glaze to give them a glass-like finish and make them extra durable. 


The Tiger's Eye crystal is associated with courage and confidence, which comes from coming to understand your true desires. Tiger’s Eye helps you discover your authentic self through testing your perceived limitations. 


Care is simple- keep pinecone pins out of hot cars with windows up!! Heat causes all wood to expand and the same goes for these. Leaving them in such conditions can cause cracking or breaking to the piece. However, these can be worn on the hottest of days in the sun without a problem. Simply wipe with a dry cloth to clean off fingerprints, dust, etc. 

Tiger's Eye Pinecone Pin (Large)

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